COVID-19 Immunity Task Force Secretariat, Faculty of Medicine Research Associate (8 positions)

The COVID-19 Immunity Task Force

The COVID-19 Immunity Task Force (CITF), funded by the Government of Canada, brings together university, hospital and public health expertise to map the scope of coronavirus infection and immunity in Canada. The COVID-19 Task Force aims to catalyze, support, and, where appropriate and feasible, harmonize the design and rapid implementation of population-based studies that will generate reliable estimates of SARS-CoV-2 immunity, overall and in priority populations across Canada. The CITF directs studies to assess immunity in the general population as well as crucial subpopulations of Canadians to assess the impact of COVID-19. The task force has a two year mandate.

The CITF is supported by a secretariat which ensures high scientific quality of studies of human immunity to the SARS-CoV-2. The CITF covers 4 major scientific areas divided into Working Parties: Field Studies; Immune Science; Testing and Diagnostics, and Data Science. The Working Parties will develop, direct and foster studies that will address epidemiology (cross-sectional and longitudinal), antibody production, cellular immunity, and optimization and standardization of testing for diagnosis and surveillance of COVID 19 infection.

Research Associates working for the Secretariat of the CITF

The successful applicants for this position will have the opportunity to work with a vibrant team of investigators, public health practitioners, clinicians, research staff, and software developers, all dedicated to conducting research and developing software that will have an immediate impact on
improving the health of Canadians.

Job Description

Under general direction of Dr. Bruce Mazer, Associate Scientific Director- Strategy, the candidate will
have the following responsibilities:

  1. Direct the management and analysis of data held in large databases.
  2. Review scientific papers and grant proposals.
  3. Prepare reports for granting agencies, and assists on preparation of manuscripts for
  4. Create presentations for conferences, seminars, and workshops.
  5. Lead the preparation of literature review and manuscripts.
  6. Coordinate or assists in coordinating meetings for participants of projects across national and
    international settings.

In addition, Research Associates who are part of the CITF Secretariat will perform the follow activities:

  • Track and summarize publications on targeted aspects of COVID-19 immunity
  • Literature reviews to assist with development of proposals and determine gaps in the state of
    the knowledge
  • Assist with other aspects of protocol development
  • Assist with data entry and analysis