The ITF is supported by a secretariat, which has data management as a core function. The data to be managed are from epidemiological studies, supported by the ITF, of human immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Data elements include test results, demographical, behavioral, and clinical variables. The main data management functions are to centralize, harmonize, store, and manage access to these data from all studies supported by the Task Force.

The Data Management team of the ITF Secretariat will perform the follow activities:

  1. Develop and maintain a data governance plan, describing data stewardship and a strategy for centralizing and managing data for approximately 100 studies;
  2. Develop and maintain an information infrastructure (i.e., hardware, software, data) for managing core data elements from studies supported by the ITF;
  3. Centralize core data elements from studies;
  4. Ensure the secure management of collected data; and,
  5. Facilitate the analysis of the collected data.

In this position the successful applicant will have the opportunity to work with a vibrant team of public health practitioners, clinicians, research staff, and software developers, all dedicated to advancing our understanding of COVID-19 infection and immunity in Canada.

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