The COVID-19 Immunity Task Force is pleased to announce its partnership with SeroTracker, a knowledge hub that monitors, synthesizes, and visualizes findings from SARS-CoV-2 serology (antibody) testing efforts worldwide.The SeroTracker dashboard launches today at

As the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic passes its peak, many countries, including Canada, are investing in serological testing. SeroTracker was initiated in early April to serve the Task Force’s need for global serological testing data, and in turn to help public health officials and policymakers develop evidence-based exit strategies from COVID-19. To do so, SeroTracker captures new antibody test results from across the world every day on their interactive dashboard. The Task Force supports the maintenance of the SeroTracker dashboard and provides scientific guidance.

In addition to this monitoring work, SeroTracker is building an interactive Canada-specific dashboard to visualize results from serological studies commissioned by the Immunity Task Force. It will also investigate potential partnerships between the public and private sector to integrate testing data and drive Canada’s economic recovery.

The SeroTracker collaboration is an interdisciplinary group of 20 Canadian researchers, data scientists, and economists. It includes doctoral, medical, and undergraduate students at the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of Calgary, McGill University, University of Oxford, and Harvard University (view membership).

Initial findings from SeroTracker’s work describe opportunities for serological testing initiatives to improve study design, test quality, and coordination. These findings, available on medRxiv, will inform the design of serosurveys in Canada and internationally, and will help build the Task Force’s Global Serological Knowledge Hub.

To find out more about Canada’s COVID-19 Immunity Task Force, please contact the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force Secretariat ( For further information about SeroTracker, please contact Rahul Arora ( and Tingting Yan (


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