Priority Areas Of Inquiry

  1. Serologic Testing Methodologies
  2. Field Studies
  3. Immune Science


The COVID-19 Immunity Task Force (CITF) and its Field Studies Working Party have recently developed a standardized list of core data elements that must be integrated into surveys conducted by CITF-funded groups across Canada studying issues related to COVID-19 immunity.

Questions asked by Statistics Canada and other surveys used by national organizations formed the basis for the core data elements document, which aims to encourage groups to acquire and record survey data in a standardized manner.

Specifically, the core data elements include questions and responses related to COVID-19 status, COVID-19 symptoms, quality of housing, risk factors, risk acquisitions, and health behaviour changes related to the virus as well as other areas of inquiry. The purpose of this list of core data elements is to ensure that gathered data is both useful on its own and is directly comparable between different COVID-19 studies and initiatives across Canada.

CITF encourages the Canadian community of academic researchers, public health leaders, and staff in national health agencies to use this list to inform the development of new surveys or the revision of existing surveys.

Click on the following links to download the list of core survey data elements in English (Word|PDF).