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Dr. Catherine Hankins and Dr. David Naylor in conversation with Paul Wells: Maclean’s Live Replay

Some of Canada’s top scientists are working on answers for the federal government’s COVID-19 Immunity Task Force. Two of them will joined Maclean’s senior writer Paul Wells to discuss the crucial next steps in the fight against the pandemic on July 2. Dr. Catherine Hankins, a professor of public and population health at McGill University, has [...]

2020-07-09T11:43:34-04:00July 9, 2020|News Coverage|

Understanding immune responses to SARS-CoV-2

SARS-CoV-2 is a newly emergent coronavirus that is highly infectious and is the cause of COVID-19. The disease caused by the virus is characterized primarily by mild to severe respiratory symptoms that can lead to hospitalization and death in ~1% of cases. Diagnostic tests for detection of the virus in the airways were developed [...]

2020-07-07T13:03:14-04:00July 7, 2020|News Coverage|

Newly launched SeroTracker will monitor global antibody testing efforts

As the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic passes its peak, clinicians, public health officials, and policymakers around the world have a growing need to understand antibody patterns and potential immunity. To better inform their decision-making efforts, Canada’s COVID-19 Immunity Task Force recently supported the development of SeroTracker, a web platform that synthesizes findings [...]

2020-07-07T15:58:00-04:00June 16, 2020|News Coverage|

3 Nova Scotians appointed to national COVID-19 immunity task force

A group of three health researchers from Nova Scotia will take part in Canada’s COVID-19 Immunity Task Force Leadership Group. The task force will be conducting serological research, trying to understand exposure, how to safely open up the economy, identify the most vulnerable populations and how to protect them.

2020-05-26T15:41:40-04:00May 22, 2020|News Coverage|

Canadians should wear masks now, says top doctor

Dr. Theresa Tam is now recommending that Canadians wear masks as an "added layer of protection" against COVID-19. So, why has the guidance changed, and should it have come earlier? Power & Politics speaks to Economic Development Minister Mélanie Joly, Dr. Catherine Hankins, co-chair of the federal COVID-19 Immunity Task Force, and Ontario mayors [...]

2020-06-08T08:26:30-04:00May 20, 2020|News Coverage|

Coronavirus: Antibodies testing coming to Canada

A highly anticipated new test is coming to Canada to detect COVID-19 antibodies through blood samples. Health Canada has just approved the very first serological test to detect those antibodies – meaning testing may begin in Canada in a matter of weeks.

2020-05-26T15:43:44-04:00May 18, 2020|News Coverage|

UPDATE: Canadian COVID-19 clinical trial approved: Trudeau

Health Canada has authorized COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials at Dalhousie University, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said May 16. The trials are part of work at the Halifax, Nova Scotia’s university’s Canadian Centre for Vaccinology, Trudeau said speaking from Ottawa’s Rideau Cottage.

2020-06-08T08:27:47-04:00May 16, 2020|News Coverage|
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