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Educating adults about COVID-19 vaccines is essential to promote vaccine confidence

A CITF-funded review, published in Campbell Systematic Reviews, found that among various strategies for promoting vaccine confidence, educational interventions were introduced to support individuals in their vaccine decisions by building COVID-19 vaccine knowledge and confidence. Group-based and formal presentations were the most frequently used.

2023-09-01T12:31:01-04:00September 1, 2023|General population studies|

Almost 80% of Canadian blood donors have infection-acquired antibodies against SARS-CoV-2

The latest CITF-funded seroprevalence report from Canadian Blood Services showed that approximately 80% of adult blood donors had infection-acquired seroprevalence in April, which is slightly higher than in March (78.8%). Younger donors (ages 17-24) continued to have the highest seroprevalence compared to other age groups.

2023-06-26T14:23:22-04:00June 22, 2023|General population studies|

Most CanPath study participants had infection-acquired antibodies but few suspected COVID-19

Of the 62% of participants in a CanPath study who had infection-acquired antibodies, 86% had never suspected they had previously had COVID-19. These results from the CanPath SUPPORT-Canada study “Real-world insights on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and risk factors for COVID-19 infection” were made public during a hybrid event on May 30th.

2023-05-30T16:09:40-04:00May 26, 2023|General population studies|
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