General vaccine surveillance

Vaccine intentions and perceptions among public school staff within the Greater Vancouver Area

In a paper published in Frontiers in Public Health, CITF-funded researchers Drs. Pascal Lavoie, Louise Mâsse and Allison Watts, along with colleagues from the University of British Columbia, explored the factors associated with the intention to get the COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the sense of urgency to get vaccinated, among school staff.

2022-05-02T14:20:49-04:00April 28, 2022|General vaccine surveillance|

Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against hospitalization and death across Canada

CITF-funded researchers Drs. Jeff Kwong from the University of Toronto, Gaston de Serres from l'Institut national de santé publique du Québec, and Mel Krajden of the University of British Columbia, found that two doses of mRNA or viral vector (Astra Zeneca) vaccines provide excellent protection against severe outcomes (hospitalization or death) from COVID-19.

2022-04-25T10:06:12-04:00April 22, 2022|General vaccine surveillance|

STOP-CoV study results highlights importance of completing primary vaccine series

In a pre-print, not yet peer reviewed, the team from the STOP-CoV study, led by Dr. Sharon Walmsley from the University Health Network in Toronto, described their most recent findings: younger adults (30-50) generate higher levels of vaccine-specific antibodies compared to older adults (70 and above) after both the first and second mRNA vaccine doses.

2022-04-22T12:42:15-04:00February 18, 2022|General vaccine surveillance|
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