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High COVID-19 vaccine coverage for people experiencing homelessness in Toronto

A manuscript from a CITF-funded study, published in Vaccines, CITF-funded researcher Dr. Stephen Hwang (MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions, St. Michael’s Hospital and University of Toronto) and colleagues found that vaccine uptake among people experiencing homelessness in Toronto was high, with 80.4% of the 736 study participants having received at least one dose by summer 2021, and 63.6% having received two or more doses.

August 12, 2022|Geographic & priority populations|

Immune responses to Omicron in Immunocompromised patients

A CITF-funded study published in Nature Communications by Drs. Deepali Kumar and Atul Humar (University Health Network, Toronto), reported that partially and fully vaccinated transplant recipients who were infected with Omicron (the BA.1 variant) have BA.1-specific immune responses comparable to triple vaccinated individuals with normal immune systems.

August 12, 2022|Higher risk due to health condition|

Findings show clear advantages of Moderna vaccine for long-term care residents

A CITF-funded study in preprint, not yet peer-reviewed, led by Drs. Dawn Bowdish and Andrew Costa from McMaster University, showed that among residents of long-term care facilities, there was a lower risk of an Omicron infection when the person had:

  • Received three doses of Moderna or a combination including Moderna (vs. three doses of Pfizer);
  • Any fourth mRNA vaccine dose; and
  • Hybrid immunity induced by 3 vaccine doses and a SARS-CoV-2 infection in the 3 months prior to the beginning of the Omicron wave.
July 18, 2022|Long-term care & seniors|
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